Grenades & Crates

Three most common US. ARMY grenade types: Mk2, M67 and M84 with accessories. Those are Low/Mid Game Ready 3D models with cool 4K PBR materials.

The purpose of this package is to provide a set of 3D game ready models of grenades, and their parts as fuze, shell, handle, security pins . And the things associated with transport as crates. Closed, open, filled, empty, protective tubes, ect. Plus animation open/close for all crates.

Perfectly for the game of war, scene of the horror film, or as a great addition to the staging of an old abandoned place. Model design, markings and inscriptions were created based on the authentic historical reference pictures to keep it more realistic. If you have special requirements for this package? Please let me know.

Collection includes: 17 Static meshes and 3 Skeleton meshes with individual HQ materials for each model. For more details see Product Descriptions below.

Short Video Presentation:

3D Models Presentation:

Grenades and Crates – vol. 1 – 3  by Multipainkiller Studio  on Sketchfab


Grenades & Crates – £ 3.69+


Whole asset was tested in Unreal Engine v. 4.14. Collection will get compatibility updates for higher versions up to 2 weeks after the release of a newer version of the UEngine. All objects and materials are named in accordance to UE4 assets naming convention.

List of Static Meshes:

Grenades: M67, MkII, M84.
Fuze: M213, M10A2, M201A1.
Body: M67, MkII, M84.
Tube: MkII, M84
Crate: M67, MkII, M84
Scene: M67, MkII, M84.

List of Skeletal Meshes:

Crate for M67 grenades + animations open/close
Crate for MkII grenades + animation open/close
Crate for M84 grenades + animation open/close
Manual UVs for each model, so you can easily apply and experiment with your materials or use those what we provide. All PBR materials includes 4k maps: Albedo, AO, Metallic, Normal and Roughness.


This pack is part of a larger collection, which is currently under construction. Next part will contain 3 most popular grenades of the Soviet Union. After that to the  collection will join another pack containing 3 most common German grenades from a similar period of time in history and of-course  maintained in a similar style.


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