Free For All Asset Collection

 Free 3D assets collection

Free For All” is a small yet, but still growing collection of free assets for your game, film scene, advert, educational project, etc. “Free For All” collection include different sort of models, from low poly style to more photo-realistic objects. This is a mix of ideas, prototyping, testing and also my Sketchfab Contests entry! Always good quality and more is coming. So…

Fell free to dig down the “Free For All” collection and make use of it! All you need is a Sketchfab or Gumroad account to get access to the download files according to the Multipainkiller Studio policy to not store any privet customer data on our server. Leaving it to professionals. I hope You like it. Enjoy!

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Free For All Collection License

It is highly recommended to check the license before using the product.
Some of the items from Sketchfab competition and may include part of the work done by another artist. Typically, such work is under Attribution 4.0 International license. But I encourage you to check before using and giving appropriate credit to the author.

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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