D2 – Futuristic military drone

D2 – Futuristic military drone

For Unreal Engine 4

This is the second military drone from the new line of futuristic drones for Unreal Engine 4. D2 – Futuristic military drone is fully armed! His arms holds 2x machine guns, 2x self-guided long range missiles. Pack includes 7 separate parts, animations & pbr materials. Packed in the Unreal Engine 4 format. All elements have been set for you in to actor blueprint. No extra functionality at the moment but that will get change with the first update for this model with many improvements. All materials connected and ready to use. See also futuristic D1 military drone with free option to let you start prototype right away or check the progress of very unique and detailed One Man Helicopter if you like more standart aircraft types.

*** Planned update for D2 – Futuristic military drone should bring few very positive changes. Better shading, uvs improvement and new materials…


D2 – Futuristic Military Drone – £ 3.69+


Shell – Skeletal mesh

  • Polygons 36.0k
  • Vertices 19.4k

Cockpit – Skeletal mesh

  • Polygons 58.8k
  • Vertices 31.9k

Landing Gears – Skeletal mesh

  • Polygons 17.4k
  • Vertices 9.4k

Machine Guns – Skeletal mesh

  • Polygons 14.2k
  • Vertices 7.8k

Engine – Static mesh

  • Polygons 8.6k
  • Vertices 4.4k

Missle Launcher – Static mesh

  • Polygons 22.2k
  • Vertices 11.3k

Navigations – Static mesh

  • Polygons 5.5k
  • Vertices 3.0k

To make sure this is what you are looking for and more in depth information about maps and topology, I would recommend using Sketchfab Inspection Tools to have a better picture.


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