D1 – Futuristic military drone

D1 – Futuristic military drone for Unreal Engine 4 from the new line of futuristic drones. This one has got the ability to fly like a bee & swim like a shark. It’s not just a huge HD camera, this vehicle is fully armed! His arms hold 2x machine guns, 2x direct target rockets and 2x self-guided long range missiles. Yes, its designed to swim and this “big eye” hidden under his sealed bulletproof glass dome will give you the opportunity to explore underwater world too. Pack includes 3 separate parts, animations & pbr materials – see product descriptions below for more details.

D1 – Military Drone – £ 3.69+

Not ready, not sure? You just became Unreal Engine 4 passionate and you want to learn, not spending really money yet. That’s great! Here is the option. Multipainkiller Studio wants help people like you. Take D1 – Military Drone for free! This is an earlier build with some minor issues (UV’s, doubles, useless geometry). What you getting is 4K PBR materials, animations, skeletal and static meshes, packed in Unreal Engine 4 format. Very similar to the final version.

D1 – Prototype Free


D1 – Futuristic military drone for Unreal Engine 4


  • Native format – FBX
  • Size – 9.5MB
  • Polygons – 88.1k
  • Vertices – 44.1k
  • Manual, No overlapped UVs
  • 4x PBR mapterials
  • Unreal Engine 4 ready


  • Native format – FBX
  • Size – 21.0MB
  • Polygons – 272.0k
  • Vertices – 143.4k
  • Manual, No overlapped UVs
  • 12x PBR mapterials
  • Unreal Engine 4 ready


  • Skeletal mesh
  • Open/Close animations
  • Native format – FBX
  • Size – 6.6MB
  • Polygons – 25.5k
  • Vertices – 13.1k
  • Manual, No overlapped UVs
  • 12x PBR mapterials
  • Unreal Engine 4 ready

D1 military drone is great to be used as AI patrol to protect specified land with 2x missiles and 2x machine guns! But feel free to use it as you like and as is better for your project.

See also D2 futuristic military drone from the same line but with ability to be driven by one pilot. Comes with interior cockpit, animations, etc.

You can expect more designs coming soon and updates.

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