Modular Industrial Pipes

Modular Industrial Pipes pack contains 18 static meshes covered in 4k PBR materials. Common shapes, connectors, meter, valve, insulation. Ready to put into your project. All named according to Unreal Engine 4 naming convention.


Modular Industrial Pipes

Few pipes here and there may change the empty room into something more interesting for your players. Easy to build see video presentation to get idea on how it’s look like and how you could use it in your project to quickly change your level with just few pipes. At the moment comes with 4k textures maps but this is too much in some scenario ( eg. mobile), but great for impresion scene, prototyping and learning. Anyway update is on the way with 2k textures and more shapes will arrive too. See also Modular I-Beam construction pack for Unreal Engine 4.

Modular Industrial Pipes pack:

Zip size – 2.29 GB

Polygons count from 528 to 2840 faces

4k PBR textures.

UV – yes, no overlapped


Easy Prototyping

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