Modular Balustrades

This MBalustrades asset is fully modular and designed for Unreal Engine 4. The pack contains 13 static meshes. In two styles, industrial and decorative. Mostly covered with 4k PBR material plus customizable glass material that will allow you to create different types of glass, from clear glass to colored, reinforced and frosted.

The next package will include further modular parts for the construction of floors and stairs. Our goal is to create many such simple modular packages in real world scale and quality materials to let you quickly and affordably build the environment for your game. Like a house, factory or hangar for air-planes or tanks.

Short video presentation:

Modular Balustrades

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Static meshes and materials:

Corner – 1 m long each way coated in 4k pbr SteelPainted and SteelRustWear.
Extension – 1 m long each way with 4k pbr SteelPainted and SteelRustWear.
Inserts – 6 types to choose from plus 3 types of glass material with exposed parameters in InstanceMaterial, easy to manipulate.
Flowerpot – 2x 2k pbr material variants for ceramic and terracotta.
Wooden handrail – 4k pbr hardwood material.

Geaometry: Polygonal

Polygons: 32 – 1112

UV Mapped: Yes

Unwrapped UVs: Non-overlapping

Scale: Real World

Compatibility: UE4.16 Tested

All materials contains BaseColor, Normals, AmbientOcclusion, Roughness, Metalic. AO,R,M are packed into one image.
Image format – 16 bit PNG
Pack size = 1.8 gb *note: it’s build upon First Person Shooter template.*

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