I-Beam Constructions

I-Beam constructions pack for Unreal Engine 4


Modular I-Beam Constructions £3.69+


I-Beam Constructions pack contain modular 3D models for Unreal Engine 4. This pack will allow you to build quickly metal structures based on the I-Beam shapes. From the racks under water tanks, heavy machinery frames, or constructions for: sheds, garages, hangars, warehouses, etc. From next update you can expect new shapes and material downgrade to 2k pbr textures to provide more flexibility in use. Currently this pack includes:

  • 4K PBR materials,
  • UVs, Light-maps,
  • No ngons,
  • Vertices 78 – 1562,
  • Game ready – 17 static meshes.

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