Barracks Builder Tool

for Unreal Engine 4

Barracks Builder Tool – This is a simple tool to fill your scene very quickly with barracks, greenhouses, or sci-fi. With the parameters exposed to the blueprint, you can easily make changes any time. There are 34 materials to choose from to change the appearance of the barracks.



Barracks Builder Tool

The idea for the Barracks Builder Tool came during the work on the One Man Helicopter project. I needed to quickly make a small hangar for the aircraft and ended up with a separate project in which I found a small potential.

Features: Barrack Builder Tool is based on blueprint actor containing all barracks types with exposed parameters to make quick changes you need and populate the scene. It can be marge with your existing project. Drop and use it.

Updates: All customers will receive free updates.

Barracks Builder Tool

  • 4 x static meshes.
  • 1x Frame
  • 3x Shell types for soft cover, hard and glass
  • 37x individual materials
  • 7x material instances
7x blueprints, one for individual type and one BP_BarrackBuilderTool which contain properties of them all.
  • Dirt, mud, snow layers
  • Appropriate equipment to barrack type like beds, shelves, cabinets, water pipes, electric, etc.
  • Custom collision ( now its use complex collision as simple and it doesn't work well with one sided geometry like in the Glass type )

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