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8K Ultra HD! For coronation of my 1000 Subscribers on Sketchfab I made the project called “MYSPACE LIVE TV” 100% in UE4 blueprints for free for educational purposes. Let’s send your own car into space for free and watch how it revolves around the earth! Then you can save $ 100M. Thanks to impressive Unreal Engine 4 technology, we can do achieve it very easily. To save your time, I prepared for coronation of my 1000 Subscribers on Sketchfab the project called “MYSPACE LIVE TV” 100% in UE4 blueprints for free for educational purposes. Version 01 as on video preview is nothing special yet, some objects, some code and audio. Hopefully with your help, we can make it even better and more “realistic” and with a bit of humour of course as our Iron Man.

Sketchfab preview:

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  • Static mesh - Solar panel
  • Static mesh - Modul
  • Static mesh - Earth
  • Static mesh - Mustang GT
Mix of 4k and 8k . Texture of earth and moon comes from NASA (not for commercial use)
1x 5MA track "3 times No!" 1x 5MA track "W poszukiwaniu"
Unreal Engine 4.18 100% Blueprints ready
  • Goal is to make it look more realistic.
  • Convert textures to 8K for main objects.
  • Add more interaction the ability to switch between cameras, for example from a satellite to a car, add animation to solar panel and so on.
  • Instead of using NASA images let's create the procedural planet builder in shader.
  • Chat box.
  • I am open for new suggestions.


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