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Exporting helicopter parts to Unreal Engine 4

Exporting helicopter parts from Blender-3D to Unreal Engine 4

One Man Helicopter Welcome everyone in the next episode of “One Man Helicopter“ for Unreal Engine 4. This is time of importing all parts from my beloved modeling software Blender – 3D to triple AAA Epic’s game engine. At this stage as […]

Pilot Seat

Pilot seat design for our ultralight rotorcraft

Early in the history of helicopter flight, it became apparent that helicopter flight crews complained of a remarkably high incidence of back pain compared to their fixed wing counterparts. Over the past 25 years, the high incidence of back pain in helicopter […]

Skid Landing Gears

Helicopter landing gear systems

The rotorcraft possesses the unique ability to efficiently hover. However, the complex nature of the rotor’s oscillatory loads and vibration characteristics induced on each sub system make successful rotorcraft design a challenge to accomplish. See structural analysis for our personal helicopter to […]

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I have created this place to be able to present and to share my work with game developers and 3d artists. From years I am specialize in medium polygonal modeling and developing logic to support my models and make them alive in Unreal Engine 4. Check them out!

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Nothing is more disappointing than the project left without support. I’ve seen hundreds of such cases. To avoid such situations and maintain contact between us, I prepared a forum for solving problems, reporting bugs, seeking help, adding requirements, etc.


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